Take the stress out of seeding this season with AgriTrack…

Take the stress out of seeding this season with AgriTrack…

Grow your profits by minimising downtime, reducing errors and eliminating miscommuncation.

Happy customers.

Great program to use! We use it for seeding to know how far in front of the seeder the sprayer is. It must be easy to use because even my old man can use it!

John Sanderson

Grass Patch, Western Australia

We use AgriTrack for everything! Seeding, spraying, harvesting, spreading, for patching out fungicides, record keeping, flagging rocks among other things.

Michael Sawyer

Dalwallinu, Western Australia

We find AgriTrack a great ease to our farming operation. Being able to see where our seeder, sprayer and header is from anywhere is extremely helpful.

John Carmody
Cascade, Western Australia

Join hundreds of farmers around the world improving their farming efficiency with AgriTrack

AgriTrack is built from ideas imagined by farmers, then tested and proven in the field.

Track every operation on your farm from one simple dashboard that is receiving real-time data from AgriTrack’s in-vehicle hardware.

See all your farm vehicles GPS location overlaid on satellite maps along with rain radar, spray layers, job trails and harvest bases.

Create and send Jobs to individual operators.

Mark out hazards or areas of importance.

Look up historical farm data and see live data from your farming operations at any time.

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