Meet the Team


AgriTrack has been designed specifically to suit the requirements of large-scale farming operations.
Dunedin entrepreneurs Andrew Humphries and Tom Rivett created AgriTrack to help large scale crop farmers with the multitude of logistical challenges during harvest time, particularly those associated with vehicle management.

Chief executive Andrew Humphries spent five years driving tractors on Australian farms and was frustrated at the lack of ability to communicate between tractors on a farm, causing inefficiencies.
He said he got sick of waiting for a solution to the problem and decided to create the answer himself.
With extensive agricultural experience, our developers have real, on-the-job knowledge of what it takes to run an efficient and productive farm.

“Having seen first-hand the vehicle management concerns faced by large-scale farmers. We developed the AgriTrack service to provide a cost-effective, functional tracking solution that is scalable to their requirements and vehicle fleet size.

Through the use of innovative technology, our real time GPS tracking service allows farm managers to minimise workload while maximising efficiencies. AgriTrack gives them accurate reporting and more informed forecasting, budgeting and purchasing decisions.”