Real Time Overview
AgriTrack syncs all your units with your dashboard, and database, every second ensuring you get real-time information for every operator. Real-time GPS tracking lets you know the status, speed and location of all your vehicles.
Satellite Maps
Satellite maps display accurate aerial images so your operators can see exactly where they are – even in the dark.
Information Dots
Drop a pin at any point to identify hazards, areas to spray or set a task reminder. Drop a pin whilst driving easily using Quick Drop.
Area Measurement
Quickly and accurately measure areas on the satellite map to obtain hectare readings in the field.
Harvest Base Manager
Manage your harvest base effectively. Our software enables you to see fill levels and more all from your AgriTrack tablet.
Shared Notes
Make notes for all users to see, synced across all accounts, such as spray rates or task information.
Quick Add
One click to add Info Points whilst driving, Set-up and add Harvest Bases quickly and Measure Areas all from one easy menu.
View layers individually or together on the satellite map. Toggle on and off Rain Radar, Farm Boundaries, Job Trails, Spray Layers and more.
Farm Boundaries
Display your farm boundaries across every AgriTrack screen allowing new operators to ensure they’re working in the right paddocks.
Weather Integration
We have partnered with DAFWA and Weatherzone to provide live rain radar inside the AgriTrack app on your in-vehicle hardware.

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