We’re really excited to let you know that over the coming weeks, we will be launching a brand new version of AgriTrack, called AgriTrack Live.

  • Works on your existing AgriTrack hardware tablets
  • Works on iPhone
  • Works on iPad
  • Integrates with your AgriTrack Beacons
  • Casual staff can use it to see where vehicles are before arriving at shift change
  • No additional cost to upgrade your existing hardware
  • Could be used for low cost truck tracking this harvest 

This software has been built from the ground up to work across any mobile device, including iOS and Android. This means you will finally be able to use AgriTrack Live on your iPhone, Samsung, iPad and more.

What it means, going forward
This is the biggest change to our software infrastructure since we launched in 2013. Built on the latest technology, gives us the ability to build features faster, and scale further than we ever have before. The apps will be released through Google Play and Apple App Store, allowing anyone in the world to use them.

How to get it
The software is currently being put through it’s final tests on a number of farms across Australia & New Zealand, and as soon as it’s ready we will email you with the upgrade instructions ready to get going for harvest.
Thanks for sticking with us, we’re excited to this new version of AgriTrack in your header this season!