We’ve returned back to New Zealand to continue with development of the AgriTrack system after an extremely successful seeding season. With some good cash reserves behind us we are taking on a number of the challenges that we experienced during the season.


With our initial rollout of 100+ units, we implemented a specific Samsung tablet which allowed the easy connection of an external cellular antenna. This worked well for it’s intended use, but was not scalable as it only allowed us to use that tablet.

We’ve gone back to the drawing board during the off season and created our own hardware system “AgriTrack Connect” which fit’s right into the same RAM mounting system we already use. It contains an antenna connection along with a USB power system to directly power the tablets and a number of other tools which will help the end user. This will let us implement AgriTrack on any WiFi based tablet including iPad, Samsung, LG, Sony etc allowing us to scale far more effectively

Below you can see a photo of our 3D printed prototype



We had a number of features and improvements suggested to us over the seeding season so we collected each one and ordered them by the highest priority – we’ve since been developing these into our main AgriTrack system with great new features ready for launch at the start of harvest.
We believe in forward thinking and continual innovation, that’s why we’re always listening to feedback and plan to implement features our customers request. Having happy customers has huge benefits for everyone.
Below you can see a mockup of the new Direction of Travel feature which will allow each vehicle to show it’s orientation, instead of just showing a vehicle moving to the right as is currently implemented.


We’re increasing our scale to allow more people to access the AgriTrack system and are currently developing 3 different distribution networks to be implemented this harvest season across Australia.

Online: You’ll be able to register for a trial online, we will overnight ship your trial units to you from our closest base and you’ll have 5-7 days* to test the system before deciding whether you would like to keep it. We’ll also be providing complete support for all online users both via free phone and online.

Agencies: We’re in the process of securing 2 or more agencies to allow farmers to have a base to pick up and return trial units, complete sales and provide you with support.

Direct: We had great sales from our direct sales model previously so we’re implementing more ground salespeople this season who will be able to come right to you, install the units – which only takes seconds, show you how it all works and provide you with support.

We’re excited about the coming season and are working hard to allow AgriTrack to stretch across the country.