Pre-Season Checklist

New Pre-Season Checklist PDF

Printable Checklist

Simply tap below to download the printable PDF that you can take out to each tractor and work through to make sure your units are operating at their best each season.


AgriTrack Connect

The AgriTrack Connect is the hub of all the connections – antenna, power, USB etc, so it’s often where any hardware problems will be found. Check over the power cable, Antenna connection etc.

If you find the antenna connector is loose in the AgriTrack Connect, slip an 8mm spanner over the nut then gently hold the flat of the threaded area with needle nose pliers while tightening

If you have one of our original “hand-made” power cables (we apologise! ?) but we have since created a professional customer power connector which we would be happy to supply you at cost. Simply select the number you would like from the Order Form.

Tablet and charging

Tablets are predominantly troublefree – aside from their charging. Any charging issues are almost always linked to the USB cable. Replacing the cable fixes the issue in 99% of the cases. Order new USB cables here.



Check the antenna cable from top to bottom. Triple check that the antenna is firmly attached to the AgriTrack Connect unit. You can take the strain off the cable by twisting it around the RAM Mount loosely once.

Need some extra hardware? Give us a call, or simply head to the form below


Google Account

Each Android tablet has a Google Account on it. This is usually set up as farmname[email protected].com and the default password is agritrack If you see a Google Account Error warning which often appears after a long time of inactivity, tap on this warning and simply re-enter the password.


Google Play Applications

The applications pre-loaded on the tablet don’t necessarily need to be updated, however if you’re on your home WiFi Connection it can be beneficial to tap on the XX Application Updates Available notification and tapping Update All. This does ensure Google Play Services is updated to the latest version which can improve general AgriTrack performance.


AgriTrack Software

Open up AgriTrack and double check you have the latest version of the software (V3.35). We had an issue in AgriTrack 3.26 which stopped the Automatic Update working. The update would download but never install. If you are having this issue simply head to and download the latest version and install directly.

Alternatively, simply close AgriTrack and head into the Files application and look for AgriTrack 3.35.apk in the recent files list and tap on it to install.

AgriTrack Spray

If you would like to install AgriTrack Spray on your device, or ensure it is up to date, simply head to to get the latest version.



AppLock is the application we currently use to lock out access to the other applications installed on the tablet. Our tablets have been shipped with AppLock installed and set up with the default pin of 1234. This restricts access to anything but AgriTrack and any support systems. If you would like to change the Pin to something more secure, head into the main AppLock application and go to Security > Change Passcode. If you need help with any of this, we can log in with TeamViewer and fix this remotely.

More Questions?

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