When we first started developing AgriTrack 18 months ago, we decided to build our product for both Android and iOS tablets, along with supplementary products for phones on both of the platforms. However after a number issues that occurred due to our software team being spread too thinly, we’ve taken a step back and decided to focus on getting just one of our products humming along 100% and will re-start development on the iOS platform once we’ve got them running.

Our current focus is on AgriTrack for Android at the moment and with our new software developers based in our Dunedin offices, we’ve been working hard to make the product the best it can be.  We’ve improved it’s reliability and performance, alongside the addition of a number of small new features which keep our offering far ahead of our competitors.

Our new Automatic Update features allow us to easily distribute improvements to all of our customers in just one step from our New Zealand headquarters.